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Roland Garros Freeform C/KAL

(C/KAL = Crochet/Knit A-Long)
Developed by NCC-1701 for V Studios

I came up with an idea for a fun knitting or crocheting project which will run during Roland Garros this year. The clay court tennis tournament runs from May 23-June 5.

The object is to make a visual “record” and wearable (or displayable) object of your favorite tennis player’s matches this tournament.

Here’s how it works:

Choose a tennis player from the men’s or women’s side of the draw. Preferably choose someone you think will make it far enough that your finished object will be a reasonable size.  It can be a scarf, cowl, shawl, anything you like. If you like, choose a “backup” player in case your first choice doesn’t make it.
Keep in mind that if your person makes it all the way to the final, there are 16 total rounds, so the finished object could be quite long or wide, depending on how you begin.

  • Your chosen player is Color A
  • Everybody that person plays against is Color B
  • (optional) Color C should be a neutral color used to separate one match from another.

Cast on or chain as many stitches as needed to make the finished object you desire. This will depend both on what you want the FO to be, and what size yarn/needle/hook you are using. This is where the fun, free form aspect comes in!

Crochet or knit a number of rows equal to the score in each set of the match.
For example, if Rafa Nadal is color A, then everyone he plays against is color B.
Let’s say the first match is against Djokovic.
If the first set of the match is Rafa 6 / Djokovic 4 then you would knit or crochet SIX rows of color A and FOUR rows of color B.
In the second set, let’s say it ends up Rafa 6, Djokovic 7  because there’s a tie-breaker. Then you would make six rows of Color A and seven rows of color B.

Repeat for each set of the match (3-5 repeats).
Then crochet/knit 1-2 rows of color C (your neutral color).
Set aside until your player plays his or her next match and repeat.
Men and women’ alternate days on which they play so if you miss a match you can look it up on the website to get caught up.

NOTE: You can choose any yarn size and use a matching hook or needles. Additionally, for a more “finished” look for a scarf or wrap, you can start by crocheting/knitting 4 rows in the neutral color and then finish the object with 4 rows of the neutral color. Use any stitch you like for this project. The possibilities are endless!

Since these are guidelines only and not a set-in-stone “pattern”, I am not publishing this one on Ravelry. I will however set up a group and link to this post in case anybody wants to share pictures of their creations.



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