Vacation Woot

I’m heading to TX on Thursday for Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen my mom in three years and she moved over to the Galveston area from Daytona Beach. Since she’s much closer now than she was in FL it seemed like an opportune time to visit a place I’ve never been before.

The weather is 30% chance of rain for the weekend, so I’m taking plenty of rainy day stuff to do, including my Roland Garros knitting project. I decided to make it with short rows to create a wedged effect. So far it’s coming out nice, though Rafa has only played the first round so far. For more information on that, read my post here.

Mom lives on a boat, so I’ll get to experience that while I’m down there. I’m looking forward to it. There is a small marina here that has some house boats anchored, and every time I drive by I think it would be kind of awesome to have a house boat, even just a small one-room affair. Hers isn’t a house boat, it’s a sail boat that has several cabins in it. If the weather is nice enough we will probably even sail, which would be amazing.

So until Thursday I have a laundry list of things to get done, one of which involves hunting for my camera’s charging cord. No way do I go on vacay and not have a camera with me!

Have a shiny day.


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