On A Liam Neeson Kick Apparently

I’ve been watching a rash of Liam Neeson movies lately. I’m a big fan of his anyway and every so often I get in a mood to watch Every. Thing. He’s. Ever. Been. In.

Right now we are watching The Grey. Pretty depressing movie so far; hoping for a happy ending, but not holding my breath. Every time someone dies, take a drink.

Last night we watched After.Life. Liam Neeson plays a funeral director who may or  may not be burying people alive. The movie is incredibly ambiguous which I LOVE. Are they dead, or not? It’s like Shroedinger’s Cat: they are both alive and dead…and are neither alive nor dead.

Christina Ricci is in that one, and she comes in with a gash on her forehead. The cut on her head heals, indicating that she must be a live. However, there is also a large cut on her rib cage which does not heal. This gives credence to the theory that she’s dead. The dead don’t heal.  She can breath on a mirror and create fog, so she’s alive right? But she also never appears to be hungry, nor does she ever need to use the bathroom despite being in the funeral home for almost a week.

I love an ambiguous ending.

I think next I’ll watch A Walk Among the Tombstones. Bit of a disturbing flick, but good. Plus there was the shock of seeing Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame) looking completely unlike Matthew Crawley.

Also on my list:
A Million Ways to Die in the West, Chloe, and Third Person



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