Office of the Ombudsman for Fictional Characters

LOVE this!!!!

Almost Iowa

Comedy_TragedyBlack Friday is in full swing at the Office of the Ombudsman for Fictional Characters.

As National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) enters its final week, the lobby has become packed with desperate clientele.

Behind a wrap-around counter, the receptionist holds court. She wears a white uniform, blood red lipstick, a black headband, a retro hairstyle and an expression that screams just shoot me.

Glancing up through her eyelashes at what appears to be a cartoon cut-out, she exclaims in mock surprise,”Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me, two dimensional villain – seeking substance!”

The villain nods vigorously, causing him to shimmer in and out of existence.

“If I can’t have depth or nuance,” he says, “I’ll settle for a hobby.”

“Take a number,” she tells him.

By now, a long line of private eyes, Victorian chamber maids, abused children, cowboys, star-troopers, ghosts and apprentice wizards stretches out the door and zig-zags down the sidewalk past…

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