My New Thing Part I: Podcasts

So, yeah I know podcasts have been around for a LONG time, but I only recently got into them.  Basically a couple of years ago I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale, and never bothered to look beyond it to see what else might be out there.  I didn’t want to have to download, sort, re-tag, and load every podcast into my mp3 player.  I know that’s no excuse for missing out on all of The Awesome.  Long story short (“too late!”) I finally figured out that my Kindle could stream podcasts with an app, and I wouldn’t have to download, sort, re-tag, etc.

I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself this so I’ll answer it: NO I do not own a smartphone, nor do I plan to at any point, so that wasn’t an option for podcasts.

Here’s a list of podcasts I’m way into lately along with links and short descriptions.

  • The Black Tapes produced by Pacific Northwest Stories, this podcast follows the story of Alex Reagan and Dr. Richard Strand as they investigate the supernatural and paranormal via Dr Strand’s “Black Tapes”.  Two seasons, 12 episodes each.
  • Tanis also produces by PNWS (I listed these two first because they are awesome, and they’re the first two I listened to outside of WTNV). Nic Silver hosts this show wherein he asks the question: “Where is Tanis?”  Supernatural thrills abound. Two seasons, 12 episodes each
  • Limetown -Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. What happened to them? 1 season, 6 episodes.
  • Within The Wires – A 10 part story set in an alternate reality.  The story is told in the guise of “relaxation cassettes” and as The Unnamed Inmate (You) continue to listen a deeper story unfolds.  1 season, 10 episodes
  • Welcome to Night Vale – Welcome to the desert community of Night Vale.  101 episodes presented by your friendly community radio host, Cecil.  The surreal, the strange, and the absurd collide in this wonderfully relaxing podcast. All Hail The Glow Cloud.  101 episodes, plus an audio book and several live shows available at Bandcamp.com
  • The Minimalists – have you ever wanted to live a simpler life?  Do you want to clear the clutter that is holding you down mentally, emotionally, and physically?  If you find yourself torn between “living the American Dream” of owning massive numbers of material possessions, and wanting to live a more meaningful and deliberate life, then this podcast is a great tool.

I’ve discovered a few more as well just by doing an internet search for “podcast suggestions” along with “unsolved mystery podcasts” since I’m into that kind of thing.  I haven’t given any of them a listen yet, but I will probably be blogging about them in a future edition of “My New Thing”.




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