My New Thing II: A Crochet Technique

I recently became aware of a neat technique in crochet called Planned Pooling.  You have to use a variegated yarn with longish color runs of between 6-12″.  And then you use this nifty, tricksy method of chaining before you start your pattern.  Basically the idea is to “stagger” the colors so that they appear to create an Argyle-style effect.

I’m trying to create a tutorial that I can use to teach people how to do this; maybe create a class for it.  It’s not working out all that great with the yarn I picked up tonight, though I’ve tried a couple different hooks.

I’m using worsted weight yarn: Fantasy Naturale.  It’s not technically on the list of example yarns, but then again all those yarns are available at big box stores, and I went to an independent shop.  So I’m going to try the pattern again with one more hook and if that doesn’t work then I’ll go to Michael’s or Jo-anns and pick up some of the Sugar n Cream yarn or some Caron Simply Soft.

This pic is from the website, which also contains a youtube tutorial and detailed instructions in the technique.  Woot.

Planned Pooling – Glamour 4 You



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