What Has it Got in Its Ears?

Hello, friends.

I posted a couple months ago about my new “hobby”: listening to podcasts.  In no particular order here are several more which I discovered after that original post.  Yes, I know that these aren’t new (with the exception of one title), but they are all awesome in their own way.

  • Hello From The Magic Tavern –  Comedy series staring Arnie, a man who fell through a portal behind a Burger King and into the magical land of Foon. He has weekly guests, and there are a bunch of fun references.
  • Rabbits – are you playing?  From Pacific Northwest Stories. The same folks who brought us The Black Tapes and Tanis.  Rabbits is a game with a history shrouded in mystery. See what I did there?
  • Alice Isn’t Dead -A serial (and surreal)fiction from the team that brought us Welcome to Night Vale. This story centers around Keisha who is looking for her wife, Alice who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  • Thinking Sideways – One of my favorite podcasts; Steve, Devin, and Joe discuss real-life unsolved mysteries of various genres (serial killers, maritime mysteries, disappearances, etc).
  • Wolf 359 – A “radio drama” which takes place aboard the USS Hephaestus as it orbits the Wolf 359 star. Doug Eiffel, communications officer, gives us running commentary on the shenanigans and drama involving the crew and their sentient computer.
  • King Falls AM – 660 on the radio dial. In the format of an early-morning radio show, this one is set in a small town with many skeletons in its closet.



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