Faith in Humanity: Restored

These people are doing amazing work for the sea turtles in the Florida Keys.

I hope to maybe stop by and see their facility when I get to Florida later this year.

The documentary is short, less than 6minutes, and worth the watch. Things like this restore some of my faith in humanity and give me something positive to focus on when the world seems like it’s turning to caca.


FL Keys Turtle Hospital


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Bringing Back the Butterflies

These are the silky, white, feathery bits stuffed inside the milkweed pod with which I was gifted the other day. I have been hearing about the unfortunate destruction of a majority of the Monarch Butterfly’s egg-laying habitat. Many people are trying to “Bring back the Monarchs” by planting milkweed in their gardens. Milkweed is the… Continue reading Bringing Back the Butterflies