ReBlog: anatomy of even more songs

It’s funny cuz it’s true of some songs in each of these genres. Of course, that doesn’t keep me from loving my music <3.

Wrong Hands

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Pod Casting

Just a quick aside… I’ve been developing a couple of ideas for pod casts.  I need to do a bunch of research on how to make the content available on the apps and streaming services, etc.

I’m kind of excited about it, to be honest.  I have ideas for two podcasts currently: One would be “human interest” type stuff; kind of a random show.  The other one would be strictly a story-telling environment with each “season” containing a story from start to finish.  I came up with the idea for the story-telling one first and that’s probably the one I’ll develop first.


English Language

How to English: Part I

Note: if there is a NSFW portion I will either blur it out or mark the post in the title that it’s NSFW.  Any time there is a profanity I do this just to be on the safe side.

Occasionally, I come across these fun meme lists about why English is such a “terrible” language.  Mostly I find these memes funny because they’re true when I stop to think about them.  For the record, English is my native language.  Looking at it objectively, I’m not sure how ANYbody learns to speak it!   Then I immediately start to wonder if there are any other languages that are so confusing…?

Anywho, I thought I would occasionally round these up and share them.  Woot.




Vacation Woot

I’m heading to TX on Thursday for Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t seen my mom in three years and she moved over to the Galveston area from Daytona Beach. Since she’s much closer now than she was in FL it seemed like an opportune time to visit a place I’ve never been before.

The weather is 30% chance of rain for the weekend, so I’m taking plenty of rainy day stuff to do, including my Roland Garros knitting project. I decided to make it with short rows to create a wedged effect. So far it’s coming out nice, though Rafa has only played the first round so far. For more information on that, read my post here.

Mom lives on a boat, so I’ll get to experience that while I’m down there. I’m looking forward to it. There is a small marina here that has some house boats anchored, and every time I drive by I think it would be kind of awesome to have a house boat, even just a small one-room affair. Hers isn’t a house boat, it’s a sail boat that has several cabins in it. If the weather is nice enough we will probably even sail, which would be amazing.

So until Thursday I have a laundry list of things to get done, one of which involves hunting for my camera’s charging cord. No way do I go on vacay and not have a camera with me!

Have a shiny day.


Faith in Humanity: Restored

These people are doing amazing work for the sea turtles in the Florida Keys.

I hope to maybe stop by and see their facility when I get to Florida later this year.

The documentary is short, less than 6minutes, and worth the watch. Things like this restore some of my faith in humanity and give me something positive to focus on when the world seems like it’s turning to caca.


FL Keys Turtle Hospital


Abandon · Shared

Haunting – Chernobyl

The full article can be found at the link below. I have a fascination with abandoned places, buildings, cities, etc. The pictures of childrens’ shoes and dolls just left behind is simply haunting. All of the photos are the property of the original author (see the link below for the full story)

30 years on from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, I visited the exclusion zone and photographed the abandoned places within it.

via Chernobyl: 30 Years On — PZF Photography